How to Choose the Best Contractor Accountancy Firm

Running your own company can be such a hassle. You may be task with meeting obligations such as tax, dealing with the Companies House, etc, as a director. This doesn't have to be the case though; you can hire a specialist accountant to handle these duties for a monthly fee.

If want a stress-free ride as a contractor, at least in financial affairs, it's important that you hire the right accountant. You don't want to work with an accountant with poor communication skills, or worse still below par accounting skills. So how do you tell the difference between the best contractor accountants and the rest? The following tips should be of help: 

Find a genuine specialist

Be sure to select an accountant specializing in contractor work, and who also understands why it's important to comply with the IR35. It would be prudent to avoid high street contractors, as although cheap, they don't have this knowledge. For more useful reference regarding  The Smart Contractor , have a peek here.


A good contractor accountancy firm gets much of its business from word-of-mouth referrals, thanks to its decent reputation. Ask other contractor to tell you about their experiences with firms they've worked with. Read more great facts, click here

If you don't know any contractor, doing some online research will go a long way. Check out their reviews on respected comparison sites to get a feel of what they can offer you. Not all these reviews are trustworthy, however, so you may have to check across a few other sites.


No doubt, you're decision might be influenced by the cost of hiring the accountant. You'll need to keep in mind that paying more does not always result in better services. On the other hand, hiring the cheapest option could turn out to be expensive in the end.
What's more important is to feel comfortable working with the accountant. You must be confident that they're able to take care of your tax affairs competently. For this reason, don't let the price have too much influence on your decision.


The days when contractors would be sending their paperwork in an envelope to their accountants for "processing" are long gone. Today, the web makes life so much easier for both the accountant and contractor. However, not all accountants for contractors have fully embraced the latest technologies. Some, despite claims of running an online accounting system, will request you to upload spreadsheet files via their web interface.

The firms that actually use the latest technologies will offer their services completely online--you can view/update your account data in real time. The software used isn't necessarily the same for all, but that shouldn't matter so long as it's efficient and user-friendly. Before you sign up with an accountancy firm, ask for an online demo so you know what to expect. Please view this site for further details.